Privacy Settings on Facebook

Since a few weeks there are more possibilities to customize your privacy setting.

You now can decide if everyone, friends of friends, or friends can watch your profile information, like "posts by me", relationship, family, etc. For each object in your account information you can make otehr settings. I think this is a great step to the optimal customized privacy settings.

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“You want Power? Then give it away!”

 You always have to remember: Even if you are the community manager, it doesn’t mean you should have all the power and responsibility.

Ultimately, your online community belongs to the members. That means: your members need to thing, that it belongs to them. They won’t feel this way if they have any influence in the community and no possibility to change something.

You, as the community manager, have to take some risks: The more influence your members feel they have, the more loyal they will be.

It comes down to one guiding principle, which is: “If you want Power, then give it away!

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DJ Watson on Facebook

Since I am using Facebook, i found out that more and more people in business use it for their promotion. Coca-Cola here, Nike there, etc.

So why shouldn't I do the same?

Last year i started a fanpage for my pseudonym "DJ Watson" under which i'm DJing on local events. After only one year i managed to have more than 1000 fans, just by posting featured tracks and event advices.

Never thought that could be possible! Thank you Facebook...

By the way, visit me: DJ Watson on Facebook


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