Privacy Settings on Facebook

Since a few weeks there are more possibilities to customize your privacy setting.You now can decide ... weiterlesen

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Metaphors on your Website

Using metaphors means to use objects from the real world to represent either a whole web site or des... weiterlesen

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Before a few, weeks Facebook rolled out a new feature called “Places”.It lets you and yo... weiterlesen

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Virtual Places for Collaborative Distance Learning

Check this youtube Link: This was found on an old VHS tap... weiterlesen

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VIP Fans

Thanks to Facebook that I can put links to other Sites in my Status.After posting a new Remix by the... weiterlesen

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Biggest online communities

As Wikipedia says, this are the 5 biggest.( weiterlesen

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Facebook Facts

FAcebook ahs more than 500 million active users.50% of the active users log on to Facebook in any gi... weiterlesen

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