Facebook: Summarization

Summarization: My Facebook experience

I looked up since when I am active on Facebook and it really is already over two years ago. You may be wondering how I found out, because there are no information about your registration date. I just looked when I added my first profile picture; this was on September 28th in 2008.

It is strange to see how this community grew and developed.

Many usages came up, which one would never have thought about before that time.

Some examples:
- Everyone wants to find out which “Car he or she is” by doing stupid quizzes.
- People you don’t know congratulate on your birthday
- You “like” so many things you didn’t know before
- People share their love to each other, visible for everybody.


But there also are unpleasant functions like „Facebook places“.
Before months, weeks Facebook rolled out a new feature called “Places”.
It lets you and your friends check in to locations. I wrote an article about disabling this function and keeping  your location private.

Another thing that is  also by default: All your information are visible to everybody. But you can change this in your privacy settings.

You can decide if everyone, friends of friends, or just friends can watch your profile information, like "posts by me", relationship, family, etc.

For each object in your account information you can make other settings. I think this is a great step to the optimal customized privacy settings.


The most important part of Facebook in my eyes are the “Facebook Pages”.

Me as a DJ can easily invite people to become my fans and use the page like a blog.

 All my posts automatically go on the wall of my fans and so they are informed directly and do not have to go to my site to see something.

By the way: Inviting can be very easy if you got some experience in java script.


If you want to invite friends to become a fan of a page or to be part of an event, you surely would like to invite them all at once. But clicking each of them is lots of work.

But theres a much easier way:

1. Go to your Event, Group or page and click “Invite People”.

2. Once the page has loaded you should see all of your friends, but they are not selected.
3. At this point, copy and paste the javascript code below into your Web browser’s address bar, then hit “Enter”.
4. If all goes well, it selects all of your friends! (This can take some seconds, if you have many freinds)

The Code: javascript:fs.select_all(); 



You see with some coding experiences you can use many advantages of Facebook.

For example: You can add a completely new application-field to your Page which you can name however you want. The content can be designed with HTML and FBML (Facebook Markup Language). It can be so easy to customize your Page.


Thanks to the new linking-feature which you can put links to other Sites, persons and groups in your Status, I got my first famous fan for my Page!

After posting a new Remix by the Electro-Producers from Aerotronic and linking on their Facebook-Site, one of them became a fan of my Page.

This seems to be a good way for me to get in contact with new people, in my case successfull DJs and producers.


All in all I think that the Facebook Community will grow over the next years and other online communities which have a similar concept will have problems to defy this giant.

By its applications there is everything the people need to play, communicate, share, exchange or to get information.


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